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Our Story

Our story begins with a true love for the outdoors. A passion for enjoying the real adventure that Mother Nature can provide. Years of time spent experiencing the earth's natural beauty with friends and family developed in us a growing urge for sharing it with others. To pass on our knowledge, experience and passion of the earth's wild places. Aegir Adventures was born

Our love for the ocean and mountains led us to the Bella Coola Valley. Nestled deep within the coast mountains, the valley is perfectly situated. A place where oceans meet mountains. Marine life thrives throughout the inlets. Glaciers and peaks tower over forest covered slopes. The Great Bear Rainforest holds many secrets, tucked away amongst magnificent scenery. Home to the Nuxalk Peoples for thousands of years, it became the home of Aegir Adventures.

All Aegir guides bring their own adventure experience. Professionally certified, years of practice in the wild, and a love for sharing their passion brought them here. Ready to share our story with you.

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